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Mobile careers search is a hot topic right now. Recruiters want it, because candidates want it. Candidates want it because mobile is clearly replacing PC’s in the consumer market.

Currently 40%+ of visits to careers sites are on mobile devices. Yet ATS providers are slow to respond and custom development is a very costly proposition.

Traditional PC market to decline 7.6 Percent as consumers behavior drives transition to tablets and smartphones

Gartner [April 2013]

TalentBond Components just work, regardless of the device.

2 solutions to the mobile problem


Responsive Careers Website

If your careers website is responsive*, then kudos to you, you’re already ahead of the pack. TalentBond components are designed to resize and re-flow content at the appropriate trigger points to match your existing content. The result is a seamless experience that meets the needs of your mobile, device hopping candidate pool.

Non responsive

If your careers website isn’t responsive then TalentBond components work just as happily in a  environment.

Don’t have a mobile site at all? Don’t worry, If you are a TalentBond customer we can help you get up and running quickly and with minimum fuss. We’ll provide the code and technical expertise, all you need provide is the decision to improve your candidates experience!

Something all these options have in common? A simple location based search that uses the candidates actual location (requires permission)

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