Geography lessons and the Candidate Experience – Part II


In the first part of this topic we described the way in which roles can be based at different shaped sites – at points, along lines and within regions. This gives our customers the flexibility to describe where each role will be located with a much more precision, and therefore with much more chance of the right roles being returned in a job search.

But what about flexibility in the way the candidate describes their location?

We normally guide our customers towards the ‘point and radius’ approach – we find the candidates location as a ‘point’ from a postcode or town name and draw a circle around that point with a certain radius. Any sites, lines or regions that fall within or occlude that circle are where we search for available roles.


The reason we encourage this approach is that it provides what is ultimately a more personalised result set – the available roles are only those the candidate would deem as local, for each candidate, each time a search is done.

One happy coincidence of this approach is that we can begin to build up an idea of geographic trends. Natural patterns in search data emerge based solely on the areas candidates are searching for roles in, and are a useful metric alongside the other MI data we make available through the customer’s control panel interface.


Any jobs at sea?

There are, however, scenarios in which this extremely tailored view of available roles is at odds with the candidate journey desired by the customer. When this is the case there are a few alternatives:

Browse around in an ‘ipad’ style view

One of the first demonstration pages created was to showcase the tablet oriented, or ‘ipad’ view. A candidate starts on a full page map view centred on a chosen location and can freely pan and zoom around. The current total number of jobs showing is listed to the side, along with department, salary range and other search filters. Each zoom, pan or filter is interpreted by the components as a new search, and new results are obtained immediately without reloading. This allows a very fluid and responsive feeling map-led search experience, but doesn’t require any special coding or a particular ‘app’ – it really just harnesses the standard components in a different way.

Show all jobs in a region

It may sometimes be desirable to lead the candidate to a preconfigured search, focussed on a particular area or region.


The region returned can be any of the arbitrary polygons drawn in the editor tool in the control panel. While the above example shows a region defined as the boundaries of the M25 motorway there is no requirement to follow any existing geographic or administrative boundary, nor is there a requirement to show a map of results at all – a tabular list view is equally valid.
These tailored, regional results could be linked from a particular business area page; shown inline on a ‘Working for us in Scotland’ page; on a volume role microsite… or really to help with any permutation required by the customer.

To return results against regions instead of by point and radius, the TalentBond components need no extra tweaking to work, they switch to region mode as soon as a known region is requested.
The amount and complexity of regions defined within a customer’s account is limited only by their requirements. Creating a recognisable set of ‘administrative’ regions for a country or global region allows each one to be navigated to and browsed independently. If you have a truly multinational recruitment responsibility, why not combine these regions with the overarching website navigation to allow the candidate to drill down to a local country, to pages in their language and regions within each country by clicking on interactive map segments.


The Right Tool for the Job [search]

The creative possibilities for search interface, candidate experience and design are almost limitless, and using the TalentBond components it becomes far easier to reach those possibilities.


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