Geography Lessons and the Candidate Experience


I want to find a job near to where I live” … “I’m thinking of moving to Brighton, what jobs are available?” … “Central London is where the money is – And I sure love the tube!” …A Candidate
Whether the candidate is seeking a local role, one in commutable distance from their current home or entertaining the notion of relocating entirely to follow a dream job, location is at the core of many job searches.
That’s why when we start a search by asking for a candidate’s location we show the roles that fall within a radius of that point. We’ve found that simply asking a candidate what county, region or state they live in is not really enough… As an example, I live near the border of two counties. The one I’m in extends far beyond where I’d likely travel and the one I’m next to is home to several dense conurbations I’d gladly drive to for work. If a job search just asks me what county to look at I’ll probably have to carry out two separate searches just to make sure I’ve seen all the suitable roles. Not great for the candidate experience!
Under the bonnet the TalentBond components work out what branches, sites or offices fall within a certain radius of the candidate’s postcode or town name and then check those locations for current vacancies.
But what if your business has roles that don’t exist at a branch, site or office? To cater for this, there are three types of ‘work location’ in the TalentBond system – point, region and line.


‘Point’ work locations

These are the branches, offices, shops or sites which can be described with an address. Basically this is any location that can be represented as a ‘point’ on a map.


‘Line’ work locations

The archetypal travelling salesman might describe his work location as ‘Anywhere along the M4 motorway’. A normal route a haulage firm serves, a regular coach between London and Manchester or a railway line across the country are described as linear work locations.

Let’s take the example of the M4 motorway. Even though two candidates, one in Bath and one in High Wycombe, live some 70 miles apart, each is in reach of the M4. It wouldn’t be right to describe the location of ‘M4’ as an arbitrary point somewhere in the middle such as Swindon, as in this example neither candidate would be anywhere near.


The ‘Line’ is valid all the way along its length.


‘Region’ work locations

In much the same way that it is unfair to describe the M4 motorway as ‘Swindon’, there are often work locations that need to be described with more spread than either a point or a line – namely regions. While some regions are common to the public lexicon, such as ‘Greater London’ there are also the regions that exist purely within each business, defined by a particular grouping of branch locations and cost centres – i.e. ‘Regional Manager for the Reading, Henley and Twyford triangle’.

Both are valid and correct ways to describe a work location, and as with the Linear example we need to treat any part of the region as ‘valid’ if it is within the candidate’s search area. Logicaly, someone searching just within Henley-on-Thames should see the available role in that region just the same as someone searching just within Reading.


The TalentBond Toolset

Arbitrary regions and lines can be added to the list of ‘point’ based sites very swiftly. Using our location polygon editor tools we will work with you to describe the shape of your business in geographic terms. Any common regions can be imported from a core set we have already mapped and any unique to your organisation can be drawn directly into our database.


To the candidate, all of these proximity calculations and their logical application are done quietly and under the bonnet of the TalentBond solution. In many cases the geographically valid and conceptually confusing region of ‘Reading, Henley and Twyford’ can remain hidden in the brain and logic of the website components.


The only thing we report back to the candidate is that there’s a job nearby they might like.



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