Santander UK Plc enhance careers website with TalentBond

On February 25th 2014, Santander relaunched their careers website with TalentBond integration to enhance candidate job search functionality.

Previously candidate search options were limited to a simple set of dropdown boxes. These were unstyled and near impossible to use on a mobile or tablet device.

Candidate experience affected

Candidate experience issues were the order of the day…

  1. Search function didn’t support Santander EVP
  2. Presented candidates with unhelpful choices and ‘internal’ language
  3. Only 1 entry point to finding roles
  4. Too many clicks to find the right role – lots of click/open/return. Rinse & repeat.
  5. Locating roles close to candidate very difficult – no mapping or real location based search
  6. Application process external to careers website
  7. Slow and frustrating to use

Working closely with Santander and their RPO partners, TalentBond developed an ideal candidate search journey with the emphasis on helping candidates stay ‘within their search’ at all times; keeping them close to the apply button, whilst providing the right information and choices to help them complete their search with less effort.

Immediate benefits

Upgrading the basic search components with premium TalentBond components, TalentBond provides smart, simple-to-use job search functionality that strengthens and maintains the candidate experience whilst supporting your employer brand.

Unlocking a variety of search methods – keywords, postcode, salary, role type or map location – the TalentBond experience is unrivalled. TalentBond takes job related content from your Applicant Tracking
System (ATS) and wider careers site and displays it quickly, beautifully and simply.

With its ATS agnostic nature and built in mobile ready capabilities TalentBond offers the rich and tightly integrated experience of a bespoke solution with a quantifiable reduction in risk and time to implement.

Santander Case Study 2014

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