Pick 2 out of 3…

Traditional thinking says that for any service where the attributes of speed, price and quality are desirable that discerning buyers are strictly limited to only two of these.

For traditional exchanges of products or services this thinking has been elevated from idea, to theory to immutable scientific law. Have you ever seen a builder who didn’t operate according to this model?


Let’s look at them individually

  1. Quality is typically denoted by craftsmanship and skills that are rarely married to speed and haste.
  2. Speed however can often increase risk, and regularly precludes an in depth assessment leading to errors and eventually more costs.   Speed and Quality are well understood and almost always work against each other.
  3. Price can be a little harder to fathom.  It certainly correlates strongly with Quality, and yet the phrases ‘rush job’ and ‘quick turnaround’ are also associated with a premium price over and above the norm.

It will not surprise you to know that this problem is not unique to the world of physical products.  It more of less governs the development of software.

When faced with the task of creating a compelling and engaging careers website complete with job search functionality the idea of selecting only two of these attributes is daunting. This is probably because the finished project, and your performance will be likely be judged on all 3 criteria…

Of course the more complex part of a careers site is usually the development of the search technology that allows candidates to search, view and interact with live roles that are provided by the Applicant Tracking System.  It is in this very area where a traditional solution comes under closest scrutiny and is subject to the “law of 2 from 3”.

Replacing the notion of a custom developed search solution with TalentBond search technology allows you to select and keep all 3 attributes!

Quality:  TalentBond has been developed to provide a premium candidate experience that blends seamlessly with your careers website whilst conforming 100% to your brand guidelines.

Speed:  TalentBond can be implemented in days or weeks rather than months.

Price:  A TalentBond solution compares favorably on cost and risk when compared with a custom developed search solution.  Its agnostic design means it will work with your future Applicant Tracking Systems just fine.

‘Picking’ all 3 attributes is perfectly possible when using Talentbond to create your candidate job search functions.  We’ve already done the heavy lifting to create a set of tools that work with any Applicant Tracking System and can be plugged into your careers site with just a few lines of code.  In many ways choosing TalentBond search components is analogous to embedding a Google map into your website rather than developing an in-house mapping and navigation system.  Why would anyone want to do that?




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