MI information to supplement Google analytics

Google analytics provides a myriad of information to help webmasters get that valuable insight into user behaviour and trends. So what happens if it collects lots of information that still doesn’t help you understand if your site is getting to the right audience?

With a recruitment website, you want to make sure that your page visits, the amounts of time potential recruits stay and the drill down to find that all important job is paramount. Google Analytics only tells part of the story where this is concerned.


The answer lies in the MI tools sitting behind TalentBond. These tools gather statistics around user behaviour that are meaningful and useful to you. This isn’t just a case of giving a set of reports with the same information as Google Analytics but more aligned to the roles you are displaying through TalentBond with an indication of their popularity and how they are subsequently shared to a wider audience. A good example is the feature heat maps to show the location/destination of searches, rather than where the request is originating from, this can tie in with campaigns and high profile roles or just tell you where people would like to work.


An added bonus when implementing TalentBond MI means that, there are no more additional areas to be mindful of with regards to the Cookie law if you have already applied your processes for Google Analytics.

So what if you are one of people who already has an established and well populated MI system in place? I’m happy to report that TalentBond MI can integrate with your existing information and add even more value and insight into the very people you want to click on the apply button.

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