Managing and promoting Hot Jobs

Hot Jobs – there are two things you should know about hot jobs, firstly they are jobs and secondly they are HOT!

Joking aside, what are Hot Jobs? The best way to describe them is a way of promoting feature jobs and vacancies in a prominent place on your site to ensure as many people as you want to can see them. They are also a good way for recruiters to be responsive to internal clients in a speedy fashion.

So who uses them? We see two groups of people, the ones who have them and use them all the time and the people who want to be able to use them but its not a streamlined and easy process to follow or use in their current system. For the former, TalentBond gives an easy to use process with visually pleasing results, for the latter a solution that easy to implement and gets the job done with the same visually pleasing results.

So why use them? We can see from the results in MI and general web analysis and user data that the use of Hot Jobs drives more traffic to your recruitment pages, they enhance the visibility or specific roles, departments or areas targeted for growth, they are good for candidates to see quickly, which means less surfing around site and they are prominent on page.

If the audience benefits don’t convince you yet, here are some more for the Recruiter…  The primary benefit is the ease of use, a the Hot Job option is a Yes or No slider, to quote a well know advert for a gas company that used plasticine tortoises, ‘Its easily switch-onable and offable’, the other benefits include the speed in which a job is made hot, the instant nature of it, once its saved, it goes live and the visuals behind hot jobs that means it is in keeping with the look and feel of your site.


Select and add a role, add picture, alter text and save for immediate posting to website:


If you don’t have Hot Jobs, this is a great way to introduce them, if you do, is the process you use as simple and as easy as this?

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